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KBF – 9/18/18 – Timothy Jooste & Tony Utegaard – Marketing Pt. 2

Join us again this week as Tony Utegaard and Timothy Jooste teach Part 2. on how to be successful in marketing for your kingdom business.

“Successful people do every day what unsuccessful people do only when they feel like it.” – Timothy Jooste – 

KBF – 9/04/18 – Timothy Jooste & Tony Utegaard – Marketing

Join us this week as Tony Utegaard and Timothy Jooste teach on successful marketing strategies in business.
“Successful people do every day what unsuccessful people do only when they feel like it.” – Timothy Jooste

KBF – 8/07/2018  Dr. Eric Gonyon – Multiply!

This week Dr. Eric Gonyon teaches how to Multiply your Business! God is the God of Multiplication!

KBF – 7/17/2018 – Faith That Expects!

This week Dr. Eric Gonyon shared powerful insights from the word of God on Faith That Expects!  You won’t want to miss this!

KBF – 7/03/2018 – Selecting and Starting a Business

This week Tony Utegaard goes into practical teaching, sharing step by step keys on how you can select and start your own business.


KBF – 6/05/2018 – Online Facebook Marketing

This week Mr. Aaron Jones and Tony Utegaard tag-teamed in teaching on Facebook Marketing! This was a very informative and special KBF session that covered the practical steps to the most effective Facebook marketing strategies and methods.

KBF – 5/15/2018 – Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne

This Week Special Guest Dr. Rodney Howard Browne shares the importance of Focusing on your Business and avoiding distraction.

KBF – 5/01/2018 – The Excessive Blessings of God

This Tuesday at Dr. Eric Gonyon went into a special time of teaching and empowerment on the Excessive Blessings of God from Deuteronomy chapters 8 and 28.

KBF – 4/17/2018 – Tony Geers

Entrepreneur Tony Geers, the owner of Kings Arms Coffee Co & Reign 7 Studios, joins us this week to share his powerful testimony and how God taught him to use Time Management to improve and greatly increase him in business in exponential ways.

KBF – 3/06/2018 – Ryan Jooste

This Tuesday we were excited to have Special Guest Ryan Jooste! Ryan Jooste is a South African born business owner and sales manager. A graduate of the River Bible Institute, Ryan has been in the direct sales industry for the last decade and has been one of the top producers in his field for multiple years consecutively. Having personally generated $6.7 million dollars in company revenue in his career, just last year alone his team produced $8 million in revenue. Since 2013 Ryan has been implementing ministry into his company with weekly Bible studies and church services, giving God first place in all he does.

Pastor Eric Gonyon & guest speaker, Bob D’Andrea, Founder & President of CTN.

We were privileged to host a special broadcast of Kingdom Business Fellowship with Pastor Eric Gonyon & guest speaker, Bob D’Andrea, Founder & President of CTN.

In 1979, Bob D’Andrea used his business to found the Christian Television Network. As president of the network, he used his passion for Christian television to develop a vision: broadcasting the gospel into every home in America.

Since found the network, D”Andrea has launched seventeen Christian Television Stations across the nation, and his vision continues to grow.

Kingdom Business Fellowship is dedicated to studying principles from the Word of God that will teach and exhort men and women to build the Kingdom of God through business and finance. Join us on every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 7PM

KBF – 1/16/2018 – Grand Chief Matthew Coon Come

Last KBF we were honored to have special guest Dr. Matthew Coon Come, former Grand Chief of the Grand Council of the Crees of Quebec and graduate of the River Bible Institute.

Matthew Coon Come (born 1956) is a Canadian politician and activist of Cree descent. He was National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations from 2000 to 2003. Born near Mistissini, Quebec, Coon Come was first educated at LaTuqe Indian Residential School, in LaTuqe, Quebec, part of the residential school system.

He later studied political science at Trent University and law at McGill University. Coon come was first elected as grand chief and chairman of Quebec’s Grand Council of the Crees in 1987.

He became known internationally for his efforts to defend the fundamental rights of the First Nations peoples, notably in the campaign against the Quebec government’s James Bay hydroelectric project.

KBF – 1-02-2018 – The Year of the More Excellent Way

Last KBF Pastor Eric Gonyon taught on walking into the more excellent ways God has for his people this coming year. Where is your expectancy? When you expect nothing you get nothing. We have to receive supernatural instructions from heaven so we can fulfill the big dreams that God has for us.

“But earnestly desire the best gifts. And yet I show you a more excellent way.”(1 Cor. 12:31)

KBF – 12/05/2017 – The Key of Diligence

Last KBF Tony Utegaard taught on the importance of diligence in business and of not giving up when times get tough.

“And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.”(Galatians 6:9)

KBF – 11/07/2017 – Spirit-Led Business

In this message, Tony Utegaard teaches from real-life examples and personal experiences about the absolute importance of remaining Spirit Led in every area of life, and how to cultivate a lifestyle of hearing the voice of God, even in your business.

KBF – 9/19/2017 – The Power of God’s Favor

This week Pastor Eric taught on the Power of the Favor of God, sharing powerful testimonies of the protection and favor of God, both during and through the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.

For He says, In the time of favor (of an assured welcome) I have listened to and heeded your call, and I have helped you on the day of deliverance (the day of salvation). Behold, now is truly the time for a gracious welcome and acceptance [of you from God]; behold, now is the day of salvation! 2 Cor.6:2

KBF – 7/18/2017 – Firm In Faith

In this message, Dr. Eric Gonyon teaches on the importance of remaining steadfast and firm in your faith during difficult times in business.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”(Hebrews 11:1)



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